SciAm article in Creativity-Unleashing

“The creative individual thinks of failure as a new opportunity: “Okay, why did I fail? What was wrong? Let me try to do something else. Let me go forward with it.” “

check it out…

Nothing quite as exciting as systemizing something that is considered inspirationational, and transcendant of whatever you currently have in your mind. This seems to adhere to the critical-mass model. enough raw data crystalizes into new patterns when a critical number of interconnections are formed. Similar to Stuart Kauffman’s ‘Buttons and Threads” model of complex systems.

The thing to take away from this article is simply this: You have to try, and not just think. That means you have to fail, something that 105% of us really don’t like doing. Not only fail, but fail often. I can only assume that this does not include financial collapse or misc. catastrophe, so limit the scope of these experiments somewhat – the first test flight of your a-grav Alero should not be off a quarry ledge. The mythbuster’s model of making a model first is probably a safe bet there.


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