Go out and vote for You on October 14th


Do you stand for something?      

Not like “a particular policy on some Federal program for the arts”, not whether “Canada has too much CO-Two production” or “not enough nuclear reactors”, not whether you have a “gut feeling” about one leader or another, not whether you prefer Right, Left, Anarchy, or Order.

But anything at all…have you made a choice in the last 10 minutes? Then you’ll notice that the smallest choices make a difference, some are small but immediate, like grabbing a coffee, some are big and long term, like grabbing a coffee a day for 5 years and getting an ulcer. 

So the big choice may be who you vote for, but the small, more-important-to-you choice is whether you vote or not. It’s the small one that says the most about you and has the most immediate effect – not the result of your vote on Canada and the universe, but the personal effect on YOU that YOU went and did something called “vote”, regardless of where your X landed or why it landed there.

Think of Canada as your Facebook profile – you spend a few minutes every other day making sure it reflects who you are – it is the sum of all your photos, thoughts and interactions. Well you own Canada’s Facebook profile, so update Canada to make sure it reflects who you are as well! 

Small is Big


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