SWFObject, addParam, and addVariable

Just a reminder to not get these mixed up – something easy to do and hard to debug at 2am, or even 1:30 am.


so.addParam("allowFullScreen", "true");
so.addParam("allowScriptAccess", "sameDomain");

These are equivalent to object/embed parameters like

<param name="quality" value="high" />


so.addVariable("xmlpath", "playlist.xml");
so.addVariable("application", "mediaplayer.swf");

These are equivalent to flashvars like myFlashApp.swf?xmlpath=playlist.xml&application=mediaplayer.swf

SWFObject 1.5 is used quite a bit. I like the simplicity. Stephen Sulzberger’s Blog compares SWFObject to Adobe’s default plugin detect and embed script AC_RunActiveContent.js and goes over some advantages of the former.


Adobe has a Technote that acts as a crib sheet for all object/embed parameters:

SWF Object 2 has been available for some time and is the currently supported version.

SWFAddress is a great way to assist in deep linking a Flash site and doing browser back-button integration. Javascript+Actionscript.


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