Tablet PCs used for high end watch sales

30-04-2009-6-28-44-pmSomething I have noticed at tradeshows in the past:

People prefer to work collaboratively through kiosk content. The sales expert and client both benefit from a shared experience in navigation. The expert can drive the application confidently, much like a good performer with her favorite, say, viola, while the customer benefits from the queued interaction, the multimedia mixed with a personal experience, and the opporunity to explore sub-areas of the interactive. Used here in a luxury environment to sell something that is certainly not a necessity, but really, really nice. In this niche, the purchasing experience is very much a part of the overall product image and ownership experience, not just a compare and select excercise. 

This video and supporting article were posted to the fascinating ablogtoread watch blog run by Ariel Adams


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