Wii Flash Games in Opera with gestures and tilt: in Progress

Opera upgrade as of Sept 2009 for Wii has provided a few new toys for us:

  • The Opera Wii API for tilit detection and other Wii specific input modes
  • Flash upgrade from 7 to Lite 3 (effectively Flash 9 minus AS3 VM)
  • Multiple player input via wii controllers (up to 4)

Here is a demo of the tilt API using the canvas object in Opera:

Info on the Opera Wii API (requires Opera dev user account):

Information on Flash Lite 3

3D Flash and Wii

I would put this on the backburner for now because:

  • Wii processor is only a PPC chip clocked at ~730MHz, no harware acceleration available for flash
  • Flash Lite is limited to AS2 and while there are legacy 3D engines written in AS2, their performance is typically not adequate.

Writing Flash games for Wii (in progress, details subject to change!)

API Javascript call back tie in’s
So far, it looks like a standard ExternalInterface tie-in will work. Specific details to follow

game dimensions – Opera/Wii screen dimensions – Wii is not HD, is interlaced, so assuming widescreen anamorphic and some Opera browser chrome, we are looking at around 640*448 or less

frame rates – since this is interlace, there are 60 fields per second output. If the game runs at 60 fps (which may tax the Wii) that should be the max noticable.

server connectivity and security – Server connectivity works as a standard browser. SharedObject status is not determined at this point.

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