Flash 10.1 for iPhone

iphone200pxYou know that feeling when your unrequited first-year university crush suddenly calls you out of the blue 6 years later from her learjet to see if you’re free for a weekend in Paris? Me too, and this feels sort of like that (I bet) – just when you’ve given up hope, and just a little past even that, Stevedobe calls us up with some news: Flash CS5 will provide the capability to write iPhone apps in Flash for the iphone. This is not in-browser flash but iPhone Apps written in Flash CS5 targetted for the device.Whether it is a Projector or AIR-like wrapper around a flash player is not really clear.

Details are still pending, but it opens up that platform to a lot of talented developers who didn’t need to learn yet another platform and IDE, and it’s not at all a bad compromise if the Apps have a good web, system, and GUI connect API (and it seems they will). This meshes with the announcement that 10.1 will also support multi-touch. Exciting stuff: here’s a quick link

More: Adobe Labs Link

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