Photoshop: Export PSD Layers to PNG with transparency

A JSX script file written for use in Photoshop to get back one part of the functionality lost when Image Ready went away. There is no other way in the CS3 workflow that I can find to export many layers of a file to transparent PNG24s: not in Fireworks, not by importing the PSD into Flash (there are matte/edge artifacts) and not in the default Photoshop scripts (the closest they come is TIFF with no transparency). Considering how often this comes up in the Flash workflow, I thought the link above was a big time saver. Just remember to reload Photoshop once the script is installed in [program path]\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Scripts

Sidenote: Of course nothing is easy: the transparency attribute of the PNGFileOptions object for PSD+JSX doesn’t do what you’d think, not without extra JavaScript, which fortunately is in this JSX file.

I’ll be installing PS CS4 shortly and we’ll see how the Photoshop->Flash workflow is for that system.  Thanks to Jeffrey Tranberry for writing it.


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