Photography to inform UX and Design

Photoshop? Check.
Flash? Check.
Illustrator? Check.
After Effects? Roger that.
The perfect stock photos? Hmm. TBD…

Photography could be considered a design tool. It is a lot more interactive than you might think at first; thinking of it like an instantaneous recording device is like thinking of Photoshop as a mouse movement recorder.  And unlike Photoshop, your own photography has features such as:

  • Photo-realism (hooray)
  • 3D perspective and lighting changes
  • Interactive subject  and background repositioning
  • Re-positionable and fully rigged 3D characters with realistic shaders
  • Custom fill textures
  • Rapid prototyping with production quality and print resolution
  • No licensing issues (compared to stock).

Prototyping a site around a photo or photo style can be liberating compared to grids; let the photos out of the box, literally. The form and composition of a photo or photo style can in turn inform the design of a site and even its interactivity.

Humans are visual first, and the web is a visual medium. By thinking about a site as imagery first, and not imagery last, one can push past convention into something unique and different. And best of all, you won’t get stuck in stock photo hunting purgatory!


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