Snow Leopard and windows 7 x64

There are plenty of caveats and tweaks and minor annoyance with anything previous to this combination, but it is as simple as following the bootcamp 3.0 (or 3.1) assistant instructions to get the is OS combo up and running.  Oh, and an accidental secret…

I found was that my current macbook pro has only the 9400m graphics card – this has the side effect of reducing power consumption in win 7, as it has been anecdotally said that win 7 under bootcamp will run the high performance 9600gt flat out without adequate power management. For what I do, primarily Adobe and light 3D, and not Crysis, the 9600 had no real advantage or necessity.

Battery Life? In power saver mode for win7 and 50% screen brightness on a 15″ chassis, it is looking much better than the 1-2 hours some people have mentioned. After an hour, the battery is showing 70%


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