Branding Science and Technology Education

A little rant on the topic of what to name Science Education Initiatives (SEIs) This one says ‘STEM’ should be ‘STEAM’ and really, why does it matter?

It matters a lot. It matter for everything.

Action requires money, especially government action. To get the funding it requires branding, as a good idea will not stand on its own merits without being properly sold.

In fact, if you don’t at least put the same effort in branding and selling a good idea as selling a bad idea, people’s first reaction is, ‘they must not believe in this if they did not put in the prerequisate effort needed to give it a name and a logo.

It has to be catchy, not accurate.  It has to be universally understandable n even the shorted soundbite.

Preferably the acronym has to be a word which is associated with the project in a lateral sort of way.

A brand is something allies can get behind, too. It’s easier to champion, easier to delineate; what this means is that partners know what they are supporting and by extension, what they are not. It makes it easier to get people behind a clear idea, becasue there are fewer reservations that they are supporting something with gray areas.

So, the next time you want to push your education initiative up to levels with funding, make sure it has clear branding, something short, something sweet, something catchy, and something compelling. And make sure that this is the case from the simplest acronym on up to soundbites and logos. A great idea deserves a great package.


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