Where is my bonus feature? Tablets and lessons from DVDs

Wired has an iPad app – you would assume it is one of the best, and yet what are the new features? Where are they?

The cost of interactivity beyond what we see on the web now is prohibitive, just like bonus content on a DVD, the easiest thing to add is ‘outtakes’ and in this case, the easiest thing to add is Social functions, as these require nothing more from the publisher than what they are used to producing. Interactivity beyond this is hampered by a lack of a common, simple-to-use standard, like Flash.

As magazines go digitial, the biggest hurdle will be one of apathy.

Publishers have waited for a secure, reliable, ‘universal’ platform to distribute their content, and now they have been given one on a colour LCD platter, however their lack of forthought may continue to haunt them, if all user’s get is a low resolution, nontactile version of the paper copy, or worse, a monetized version of the website they could have visited for (probably) free.

Is the next step for Wired to remove their website to assure income from the iPad magazine version, or to remove the free iPhone/android version from those market places?

monetization and security can lead to innovation, however market economics may also create a race to the bottom, where previously free content that attempts to remain innovative to stay ahead can now safely maintain status quo behind a paywall.

As one commenter said – Interactive magazine’s are also referred to as ‘web sites’.

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