Communicating Science to your Audience

The most common problem – science is not Movie Science. Movie Science has greater scope but less imagination. More flash and less subtle magic. More beeping computer interfaces and less MATLAB.

What programs like NPR Science Friday, Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada, and Quirks and Quarks on CBC Radio 1 do so successfully is get scientist to communicate at the level of the audience.

Now, the first stereotypical thing I can thing of in saying “at a level”, is ‘Dumb it down” for a general audience.

This is not the case at all. Simply put, “level” means putting findings in context, not just of their importance to the field of research, but in the context of the audience. Context is the background on which any message is communicated, and without it, the Audience can’t start the vital and very human process of connecting the dots and inferring. Without this, there is no wonder, just confusion, and no excitement, just disinterest message that meant for someone else.

Read the article at Ars Technica

In the end, its curiosity, wonder, and excitement that are the common threads between an explorer like a scientist, and their audience.


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