Career and Business Advice

Uncle Darell was a role model for me in business, but not just any business – the business of making clients happy while making oneself happy. I want to share some of his wisdom on the subject of career and running a company and most importantly adding some extra good to the world:

Here are three key areas that work for me:

I like the challenge of perusing solutions and delivering high-quality products for my clients.

I have no fear of going out of my comfort zone. I enjoy researching and building a team of world-wide partners/sub-contractors to help me reach my goals. This process feeds my need to learn and grow and builds self-confidence. I get bored quickly, so I like a variety of activities: project management (idea-solution-leadership), design, writing – a multidisciplinary approach to getting the message out is is best.

I pursue long term relationships with clients who appreciate my insights.

My insights, creativity and work ethic. I’d love to work with clients who trust me and allow me to offer solutions to other areas of their organization (which fuels need #1 above). If I do not a get a good feeling from a new client, I will not take on one of their projects.

I Follow your Passion

I keep control of the parts of  projects that I love and are good at. I sharpening-up my knowledge and skills in these areas.

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