Setting Goals for you Audience

Motivation is a key part of interactive media – why do you stay? What makes the interactive ‘sticky’. This concept can be looked at from the perspective of motivation. Achievments, progress through levels, and rewards for exploration and problem solving all have a more fundamental grounding in the motivations of the User.

In museum and educational interactives, it is key to look first at these motivations before building designing the experience.

A great article on these motivations can be found at psyblog, called

“3 Universal Goals to Influence People”

The art of education is similar to the art of debate: understanding the point of view of your audience and your opponent (i.e. preconceptions) and matching you message to the motives of your user. For example, the idea of Positive Self-Concept can be translated into incrementally more challenging interactive learning games, which avoid steep learning curves.

Check out the article and I’d love to hear you comments.


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