Problems installing Flash Builder or Flash CS5 on Windows?

I hope this doesn’t happen to you but I spent a good day figuring out that a corrupt DLL was the source of a persistance failure of the Adobe Flash Builder and Flash CS5 installers – they would fail to install the Microsoft Visual C redistributables VC90_ and VC80 such as “Microsoft_VC90_CRT_x86”, “Microsoft_VC90_ATL_x86”, or “Microsoft_VC90_MFC_x86.msi” . Here’s how it got fixed:

When I tried installing these MSI packages manually via their .msi files in the /flash builder/software/payloads/ directory I got a “1935” install error of type “800700c1” from windows.

The trick was to find that smipi.dll was corrupted. I found a copy on the Win7 install DVD and tried to copy it over the version found [somewhere deep ] inside of the /windows directory, however it was owned by the trusted installer and I had to use “takeown.exe” and then “icacls.exe” via an administrator-launched command line to change ownership and permissions, allowing me to delete the previous version then copy in the new one from the win7 DVD. I had to take ownership of both the smipi.dll file and the directory it was in to make it all work. So far all I’ve seen online is people running into this problem and having to repair Windows or reinstall it, and the Adobe forums are only a partial help in this weird one. Still, it seems to happen to more than a few people. One of the other symptoms? Windows updates seemed to stop working with the same error codes.


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