Flash Platform Optimization Guide

I live on at the top of the Big Hills in Ottawa (sort of SanFranSkatchewan height). It is a David Suzuki-approved pleasure to throw the 6speed in neutral and coasting down at a leisurely 40km/h , saving the world by getting 1.5L/100km mileage for at least a few hundred metres. That was until speedbumps were installed last week, changing the whole sweet situation.

Flash platform is like that hill – it can be efficient and fun when there are no speedbumps, and most of those are our own fault. Fortunately, optimization of your code can go a long, long way to speeding things up, and after reading Adobe’s latest revision of the Guide (PDF), you may feel a bit dirty knowing parts of your code could run 25-50% faster. The examples contain timer data, so you know just how much performance is enhanced. It’s a 15 minute read and well worth it, especially now that mobile apps set the baseline back to 1998 processor power again, and FlashPlayer 10.1 has some new tricks to take advantage of.

Still looking for more tips? Grant Skinner (Go, Edmonton!) has an excellent presentation here (Flash).A theme of his which I like (as does your mobile device) is being a Good System Citizen – be courteous, don’t hog, clean up after yourself and all those good common sense behaviours.

(image source: columbia.edu)


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