2D GPU accelleration in flashplayer 11

Adobe has made every effort to embrace the huge landscape of user interaction with data devices and because of their close connection to the developer community and open source aproach, they are able to bring some excellent solutions to all developers quickly. The turn-around time is really quite astounding. (although, like any good new feature, we all wanted it yesterday!)

One of highlights of the new FP11 is the use of the GPU accelerated 3D api for 2D rendering, focused specifically on 2D games. Lee Brimelow has a great starting tutorial here. I am a big fan of write-once, deploy anywhere, and that has always been a core concept of Flash Player. Adobe has embraced platforms beyond browsers and beyond the Flashplayer itself, and this flexibility and lack of ‘ego’ make them a solid partner for designers and developers.  Some other great features in FP11 include native extensions, integrated runtime environment (basically no separate AIR download needed) and of course Stage3D (in cooperation with the best community-built 3D libraries!) and some good solid Flex UI components for mobile. So enjoy the new capabilities and the fact that Adobe does listen and cooperate and stay agile despite it’s strange position in a market with no direct competition but a constantly moving target.

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