7th grader perception of scientists: before/after

Drawing of what they feel scientists look like before and after a visit to Fermilab. The stereotypes seem to be eliminated, especially since kids love the exception to the rule. What struck me was the change in how the kids saw the scientist – the common theme was that there was a barrier removed between Scientists and Normal People – wearing jeans at work and being able to follow your curiosity – removing barriers lets the kids in on the secret that maybe they can be scientists as well, and it seems important to ensure that no artificial barriers be present when they are searching out their interests. The concern voiced in this article is that the stereotype of the labcoated geek prude is there in the first place – not every kids gets to go to fermilab which is why people like Mythbusters, Carl Sagan, David Suzuki, Jay Ingram, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Brian Cox, Jane Goodall are so necessary. Even in the last 10 years these people have changed the perception of science into a broader category of curiosity, passion, and discovery, making it more accessible and more engaging.

fermilab kids

Before and after – labcoated geeks become regular purple-pants people


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