What is the heart of inspiration?

From Gavin Aung Than's ZenPencil's

From Gavin Aung Than’s ZenPencil’s

A big issue that faces anyone who has had to grow up is choosing a career. It is tied so much to our time, identity, our goals and what we want to mean.

Even those lucky enough (and by lucky we can mean any mix of hard work, opportunity, and will) still have to contend with the day-to-day reality of Living A Dream of a Certain Size.

Take Chris Hadfield – the mundane aspects of being an astronaut may dominate his time – training, studying, paperwork, details and more details; a dream job tied up in procedure manuals and velcro.  What people find most interesting about his being an astronaut is not just the experience itself, but what it took for him to get there.

So what is that? Of course there is studying, and of course there is the hard work, but what he has shared with the internet community during is the not-so-simple fact that you actually can change your future. Not just in principal, and not after a lot of preparation, but every time you make a decision, big or small.

This message, above the inspiration that science, research and curiosity, is the most human message and the one he is most qualified to share.

And of course a message like that would be lost on most of us if not put into cartoon format, so here is it, from Reddit and Gavin Aung Than

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