Oh yeah, the Arduino

$T2eC16d,!)kE9s4,BL5tBRnWzK3EZg~~60_35The California Science Center is now home to the Space Shuttle Endeavour, and while I get together my article on the exhibit, I wanted to share a bit of fun that was had with the Metal Earth laser cut “metalgami” model I picked up there:

These little models are precision made and kind of make you wish you were precision made to the same level. This is somewhere between origami and “Slot A into Tab B” kind of work and the fun is definitely in the assembly.

Still, it is a little bit of genius to see how each 3D form comes from a piece of a common metal sheet, and all you really need is a pair of tweezers and maybe a few wooden dowels and a straightedge to get some of the curves right.

Is it for Kids? Certain kinds of kids – the ones that work with Lego Technic or Kinex or, of course, origami. Is it for Engineers who grew up with the Shuttle? Heck yes.

Arduino for time-lapse

The time-lapse video was made with an arduino board that triggered the infrared remote receiver of an EOS-M every 2 seconds or so. Extra parts were a 9V battery (in the 5V board power input) and a standard IR LED. The EOS-M is a cheap way to get a good APS-C -sized sensor in a tiny package, but has no straightforward way to remote trigger via a cable.


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