Outreach: The Radiolab experiment, a preview

NPR’s Radiolab is much CBC’s DNTO in that it addresses topics connected by a theme. The themes are seemingly broad and at first, and the stories in each cast are connected are connected laterally. Is it science, society, psychology? It’s all these things and most of all it starts with a question – the more simple, the more innocent, the sharper and deeper they seem to cut into the subject. Having multiple hosts and heavily edited interviews makes for a stream of consciousness production style, quick to turn, tricky to predict or take for granted; it is an ear perking experience.

What makes it realtable is not just the subject, but that it is a result of curiosity followed-through, something we too often ignore for lack of time.

"Black Box" – what goes on in the places where you can’t look

"What’s Left When You’re Right" – Is being right the wrong thing?

"Inheritance" – What part of you is predetermined?


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