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img_1592_smallI am a freelance Interactive Media designer in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and a systems and computer engineer. I focus on making science, engineering, and interfaces understandable and compelling. Clients include the Canadian Air Force, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. My engineering research has focussed on Human-in-the-loop systems, Human-Machine Interfaces and computer vision systems.


Publications and Research

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Natural Feature Tracking in Wind Tunnels (honored to be the recipient of Best Paper at the 2011 Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision)

My thesis topic on computer vision applications to a new wind tunnel testing system which uses pressure-sensitive paint coating on the model –  Imagine painting your car with this stuff! A great experience with the people at the NRC!

Cellular Automata for UAV Search Strategies, 2010 (pdf)
most uninhabited aerial vehicles are used for long-term search, but only follow predetermined paths. Using a the classic Conway Game of Life-type grids of coupled cells following simple rules, can we make a UAV search smarter?

Cable Suspended Robotics, 2009 (ACM portal link)
LEGOChalkBot (pdf presentation)
A proof of concept in developing a robotics toolchain for educational use. Lego Mindstorms and a scripting language are used to develop a wall and ceiling tethered robot.

Debugging On Mars (pdf presentation)
Real time operating systems are used in most NASA robotic missions. When they go wrong on another planet, how do the engineers tackle the problem?

What Fidelity Where, 2008 (pdf presentation)
Haptic interface seems to have gone by the wayside with cold, flat touch screens that simply have images of controls, but in applications like Remote Surgery, force-feedback is vital for a surgeon. But how much is too much? What do we really feel and how is that best represented to a User?

Modelling and Simulation for Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (pdf)
Derived from a series of interviews and projections of current technology, the multi-disciplinary field of uninhabited aerial vehicles is explored to determine how Operators can best control fleets of aircraft without becoming overwhelmed.

Tissue Modelling For Surgery Simulation (pdf)
Surgery simulation is increasingly a staple of medical training, even preparing a surgeon immediately before a procedure. But tissue models suffer from realism issues, due to the fact that computational power just isn’t their yet. Using massively parallel architecture, a tissue model is designed to use general purpose multithousand-core processors to speed up these calculations.

Robocup Entry 2008 Simulation League (pdf)
The robocup is the World Cup of robot soccer and a great testing ground for all types of robots in teamwork, strategy, image recognition, and motion control. This entry is in the Simulation League and describes a flexible two-tiered architecture written in Java.

Procedural Aircraft Design, 2007 (pdf)
Most video games and Museum installations for learning are hampered by the lack of replay value – multiplayer is one solution, but regenerating the characters and vehicles using a procedural system is another alternative. These are the results of producing an automated aircraft designer that derived performance parameters and layout.

Photo Tourism with Microsoft Photosynth (pdf presentation)
A look into the technology behind photosynth and natural feature recognition. An automated way of combining many images into a virtual 3D space, with an incredible interface. Microsoft should get more recognition for this one!

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