Career pointers from ACM

The main idea? There is more to success than accomplishment. As much as it pains many technicalpeople to ‘market’ themselves, it is not necessarily a bad word. Think of it this way – if you think you have something to offer, it is part of your responsibility to let other in your organization and client base to know about it, since it benefits them and you. You are the person most qualified to understand your accomplishments and put them in perspective for others to be inspired by.

Keep an up to date portfolio of work and ideas – you can’t execute on everything at once, but by letting people know your accomplishments and direction, your talents and skills have more opportunities to be expanded.

(thanks to subreddit/programming)

Why to stop multitasking

Surprising  article (including the author’s informal experiment in uni-tasking). It applies to interfaces and user experiences as well: simple put – focus the user on the task at hand by focusing the interface. This is something cockpit designers have known for decades, and they have a life-and-death incentive to get it right!

Harvard Business Review

Working With Feedback

The diagram here is an engineering schematic of a feedback loop. The triangle is an amplifier or signal generator, like your stereo, or your creative or coding output. Engineers have learned since the 1840s that the output of any signal source is best controlled and targeted and refined through the use of feedback – in this case the wire going from the output of the triangle back to its input via a black box. You use this every day when you move a mouse around the screen – visual feedback- try closing your eyes and clicking a button in Photoshop to get a feel for a world without feedback.

Now, why the black box? What is it doing to the creative output before sending it back into the creative input? Continue reading

FITC 2009 Speaker’s Videos

Maybe you didn’t make it to an FITC event or are wondering what the speakers have to share. Check out the full videos here for free – some incredible stuff from some amazing thinkers and doers: