Good Week for Interactive Devs!

The scare this year has been that you, as a developer, would have to choose a platform and focus on it. Noone minds a bit of focus, but the fact that seemingly artificial barriers to re-use of code and effort were being introduced; the mobile platforms were making it necessary to choose a side, because learning all the platforms was a big reach. Blackberry, Android, iOS, Flash Platform, each with its own SDKs, IDEs, frameworks, and of course, time destroying tricks and gothas. But things are looking a little brighter:
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Hello mobile world

Quick links:

Getting started with Android development

Getting started with iOS development

and of course: Java for C++ developers

and Objective C for C++ developers

and for Flash devs: Actionscript to Android

and Lee’s legendary tutorials on gotoAndLearn, featuring Flash 10.1 on Android

and if you want to use the Unity platform, they have some great tutorials.

For all these platforms, it is worth reading some of the usability whitepapers from Nokia which apply regardless of platform

Takes on Apple Terms of Service for Developers: Links

A Summary of the links I have been following in the debate over the intentions of the new Apple Developer TOS, specifically section 3.3.1. These are all smart people’sinterpretations, and the real question is how will developers (and other mobile ecosystem providers) interpret and adapt to precedents like this.

June 12th: A change in the TOS that may be of benefit to unity developers over at Slashdot

Lee Brimelow’s article:

ars technica’s take:

Joe Berkovitz’s impressions at a philisophical level (“When does programming really start?”):

Unity3D’s official Blog (applies to monotouch and the compile-to-allowed languages case, which may be different than Adobe’s methods in Packager):

and an update, May 11th:

37 Signal’s Take, especially Point #3, is really interesting:

MonoTouch’s official take on things (affects unity3D):

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NASA spacewalk F.P.Builder using Unity3D

06-10-2009 10-48-15 PMUnity 3D  shows its specialty – hardware accelerated 3D interactive environments. NASA has been on the forefront of using Unity as an outreach and education tool. Check out the Space Station construction game here

Unity 3D is a lightweight browser plug-in/activeX control and a very capable IDE. It is 3D-centric, meaning the IDE looks almost like a single-pane 3D editor with a scene builder area and a behavior (code) editor…. Continue reading