Takes on Apple Terms of Service for Developers: Links

A Summary of the links I have been following in the debate over the intentions of the new Apple Developer TOS, specifically section 3.3.1. These are all smart people’sinterpretations, and the real question is how will developers (and other mobile ecosystem providers) interpret and adapt to precedents like this.

June 12th: A change in the TOS that may be of benefit to unity developers over at Slashdot

Lee Brimelow’s article:


ars technica’s take:

Joe Berkovitz’s impressions at a philisophical level (“When does programming really start?”):

Unity3D’s official Blog (applies to monotouch and the compile-to-allowed languages case, which may be different than Adobe’s methods in Packager):

and an update, May 11th:

37 Signal’s Take, especially Point #3, is really interesting:

MonoTouch’s official take on things (affects unity3D):

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iFlasherlight5 – Choosing the right horse in the race

Flash, Silverlight, Objective C, HTML5. There is a crisis and a factions are forming – who’s going to win the ubiquity prize? If you are a Flash developer, are you a silverlight developer? what skills are common, what will go ‘extinct’ if you switch, or if HTML5 comes along and finishes off both delivery mechanisms?

It’s pretty damn confusing when you have to bet your skillset on the matter. Continue reading

H.264 – Future Licensing? (updated)

UPDATE Feb 3, 2010 – The H.264 royalty free period has been extended to 2016.

2016. Read more here . Originally from a Slashdot submission)

A good overview of the situation can be found here. Worth a read if you are encoding video for flash:


(I don’t know if they are affiliated with any of the organizations or license holders)

Adobe’s Q&A on the subject as it pertains to Flash. The language is a bit ominous, and this might affect any sites you work on after 2010, and possibly retroactively. The trouble is, noone knows what the license holder of H.264 has in mind, and how they will deal with vendors such as Adobe:


Wikipedia has a good overview of Flash Video technologies as well, including Sorenson and On2:


Net Neutrality Bill hits House of Commons

from cbc

A private members’ Bill from the NDP camp is short and sweet. An amendment to the Telecommunications act that would, “prohibit network operators from engaging in network management practices that favour, degrade or prioritize any content, application or service transmitted over a broadband network based on its source, ownership or destination, subject to certain exceptions.”