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16-09-2009 1-35-28 AM

Ottawa Green Bin Recycling Minisite

A unique promotion for the City of Ottawa’s new recycling program, including Away3D and interactive learning arcade style game integrated with a .net highscore system.

Flash 3D / AS3 design, programming, implementation, and integration.

31-03-2009-4-56-25-pmGlobemaster Explorer

Aircraft profile for Canada’s Air Force. Flash, 3D, photography, interviews, concept, creative, and design.
Project Details


25-04-2009-7-29-48-pmCentennial of Flight Timeline for Air Force

Check it out here at the Centennial of Flight Website

Air Force commission to present highlights of the last 100 years of Canadian aviation as a flash piece. Because of Canadian government web site requirements, it could not be fullscreen or do some of the really interesting stuff I had in mind, however it dod combine the following ingredients:

  • A nice “flow” kinetic energy of the interface is preserved, and I went for more of a “piloting” feel than anything else. All flash events and tweens are stacked, so the interface never chokes up or interupts itself
  • Incorporates some great backround material – The photography that is available is incredible. I recently finished a front end for their photo library and ended up using it quite a lot to get what I needed.
  • Niceties: mouse scroll wheel enables text areas, a newly coded flash video player, dynamically loaded content via XML
  • Background image compression using the “swf” method – getting the benefits of both png-24 8-bit transparency and JPG compression by wrapping the backround png’s in swfs. Managed by a handy JSFL script. SWF Tool’s “png2swf” unfortunately had some solarization problems so its handy command line and batch file goodness were ultimately no use here.
  • Wide audience testing: This interface was tested on the 12-70 year old demographics
  • Some exquisitely detailed 3D aircraft – we made sure these were accurate to actual museum and historical models, down to the guns, markings, and kill tallies.

The result was very received by Air Force, and we hope to add more content top the timeline throughout 2009!

thumbdemo: Coverflow-inspired image viewer

Less than 200 lines of [real] code. Implemented in 3D space with Away3D and Tweener.
Demo Details and Source

01-04-2009-12-51-15-aminteractive learning: snowflake designer

Interactive used as a client New Years card. I did the design, concept, implementation
Try it out

Case Study Interactive in Papaervision3D

In conjunction with gordongroup, implemented a case study viewer in PV3D and AS3. User updatable with a animation framework to allow addition of new content.
Try it out

WBK website

WBK website

WBK Boxing Web Site

Going strong for over 7 years, this web site receives continuous loving updates. I like it because I  box there, and handle photo, video, flash, posters, print adverts and so on. We are going for a old school look with the photography and videos and simulated many aspects of older film stock and faded  prints. Flash is used to make a unique header menu system that goes a bit beyond the usual drop-down sub-menu paradigm. The XML driven photo galleries use a few photography queues such as filmstrip thumbnails (with motion blur) and a snapshot development transition effect. WBK now has over 1000 members; in fact I think I’ll go train right now!
Check it out

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