Very nice watch design

sentio watch

A tactile watch with 7-segment digits (pseudo digital) that raise or lower – good for the sight impaired of course, but also a well executed design in general – one of the cleanest I have seen, especially in the watch world where ornate details can get a bit Byzantine.

The details of the clasp and band anodization are particularly striking, but what I admire most is that the designer is polling visitors to see if the market would support production of this watch. Using the internet as a test market is almost disarmingly modest and plays on some of the best aspects of social web interaction.

Finally, he could have made the interface American Brail (in fact the backside of the watch hints at this feature), but instead has taken the wider view that such a novel and elegant interface would appeal broadly. It plays on the very human desire to figure out puzzles and learn [small] new skills. We are learning creatures and the connection between novelty and this aspect of human nature should not be overlooked by designers. The flip side is that too much of a departure from the ordinary can be too much of a learning curve for some (learning brail for example or any of the binary-display type watches)